?Who are we
          AoCMM is a non-profit organization that, strives to educate determined individuals in learning math modeling techniques and apply them to real-world problems.
          The world is full of complicated and often devastating issues. Whether these include the volatile spread of disease or locating the whereabouts of criminals, mathematical and computational modeling has its place in soundly solving real problems. Math modeling is a core tool in a variety of fields of study, from epidemiology to city planning.
          Due to the potential of using math modeling situations, we desire to spread more information and knowledge about mathematical and computational analysis to the general public. If more people around the globe understood the importance of mathematics to our lives or knew how to apply mathematics using data analysis, then many of our world’s problems can be efficiently and effectively solved.
          Ultimately, we here at AoCMM strive for more knowledge to better the world and therefore, we have created a competition both equally challenging and rewarding for those who are interested in testing and expanding their research experience with math modeling.
Our Mission
     As a non-profit organization, we depend on generous donations from math modeling enthusiasts such as yourself.
   Please feel free to contact us for donations or sponsorships! Our financial reports will be published annually after the competition ends.
Our Finances
      We first started AoCMM in hopes of easily providing resources and knowledge to interested students from around the world. Soon, we realized that the best way for people to learn and improve was to present them real experience. As a result, our reasons for stating the AoCMM are to first, spread the importance of mathematical and computational modeling, and second, test the knowledge of competitors in hopes that they will one day benefit the world.
Our Purpose
Our Officer Team
Meet Our Current Officer Team!
The AoCMM officer team consists of dedicated individuals around the world that have a desire to spread mathematical modeling. Officers are specialized in different fields of modeling and overall organization logistics. 
Wish to become an officer of AoCMM? Well you're in luck! We are now accepting applications for different AoCMM positions! See the attached application below!
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Current Chapters

AoCMM Chapter: Cupertino High School
AoCMM Chapter: Peking University

Cupertino High School
President: Rohit Jawle
Officers: Suyan Qu, Sriharsha Guduguntla

Peking University
President: Chao Peng
Officers: Xiangyu Huang, Bangyi Hu

AoCMM Chapter: Lanzhou Jiaotong University
AoCMM Chapter: Imperial College London

Lanzhou Jiaotong University
President: Xiaoxi Hu

Imperial College London
President: Shurui Li

AoCMM Chapter: Chino Hills High School
AoCMM Chapter: Shanghai Experimental School

Shanghai Experimental School
President: Xiaoxiao Wang
Officers: Dian Yu

Chino Hills High School
President: Siwei Li

AoCMM Chapter: Lower Merion High School
AoCMM Chapter: Green Field Public School

Green Field Public School
President: Kushagr Mohan Ahuja

Lower Merion High School
President: Ye Dong

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